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Pain. Loads of pain.

11 Jan

It’s Friday! Nearly end of the first week of my 6 in 6. I am still very pumped and determined.

Or so I was when I arrived at the gym today around 7:30 just to discover it closes at 8. Short 30 seconds of panic while gym manager looks at the watch and shakes his head. “I can’t give up, I can’t slack, I can’t skip, I have a challenge, I am on a schedule, I need to do this” I was saying to myself as a plan formed in my head. Ok, instead of 20 minutes treadmill, 20 minutes rowing, 20 minutes stepping and 40 sit ups I will just do 20 minutes treadmill and go home. At home, while still warm, I will jump on Wii and run a 30 minutes “Just Dance” workout. Then I will go out and do 150 jumps with the rope, followed by 40 sit ups.

It seemed like a great plan until I got back home. I was so excited to get Wii started, because, as in most childless households, it only gets used when you have a drink or two with your friends. Things I have learned tonight: 1) I can’t dance 2) if you can do it after a couple of beers it doesn’t mean you can do it without 3) Wii is a secret weapon of torture. After 20 minutes of latin sweat workout mixed with popular hits I wanted to die. My head was pumping, my heart wanted to jump out and my legs started shaking. Yes, I did give it all I had, otherwise what’s the point of working out? After barely making it to the end of the last song, I headed out with my jump rope (just so I can embarrass my neighbours of course). 120 jumps is all I could get out of myself after that unnecessary ass shaking in front of the TV. Sit ups? Don’t even go there, you will make be blush.

Moral of this story? Check your gym opening times before you get there.