Week 4

30 Jan

Unbelievably we are half way there. That can only mean one thing – half way to go!

This week probably was the hardest for me so far – all the motivation I was hoping for last week was absolutely gone and I just constantly felt tired and sorry for myself. I blame all of that on the weather – nothing else!

When I was going for a weekly weight in I honestly thought I would have put some weight on – there was no way in hell I could get any good results after skipping gym two days in a row, but surprisingly – I am still on my target and that cheers me up. To make up for my slacking I have introduced some new exercises to the routine and basically kicked my own ass. Yeah, that’s how we do it! Diet is still going great, I am coming up with some cracking dishes (not every day must admit – don’t try to make stuffed peppers with quorn beef, complete disaster).

I will be definitely buying a new sports bra this weekend, because all the weight seems to be dropping from the “wrong” places, when the “right” places, like my stomach, will require a lot of work. I haven’t lost any inches this week, but I will be pushing for an extra inch off my waist by the end of the challenge and…that’s about it!

On an unrelated, but positive note – I am having a treat day(s) this weekend as we are going away to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I don’t believe in a cheat or treat days as all you do is ruin your hard work by slobbing on the sofa and stuffing your face; I believe into having some fun and doing (eating/drinking) what you love from time to time so you don’t go insane on the broccoli. It will be our first “day off” for whole 4 weeks and I think we deserve it:)

Measurements 4th week of the challenge: 35/27/38, 142 pounds.



2 Responses to “Week 4”

  1. H January 30, 2013 at 11:28 pm #

    You can really see the work you have put in. Well done, you looking amazing!

    • mrsbrere January 31, 2013 at 10:45 am #

      Thank you, H! I hope your journey gets easier every day 🙂

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