What do we eat?

27 Jan

It’s Sunday – so it’s time to talk about food.

Diet plan which I have created for myself after a couple of days of internet research could not have been easier (and also has been approved by “Men’s Health” magazine, which I have downloaded yesterday). It’s quite simple – buy fresh, cook yourself, forget about carbs.

What do I eat:

  • Breakfast is an easy one and I am lucky to be able to eat the same thing every day and not get bored of it. Every morning at work I have a bowl of quick flavourless porridge with semi-skimmed milk and some berries. At home I have 2 Weetabix with the same “sides”. When choosing a pre-made breakfast it’s very important to look at sugars – I would love to have golden syrup porridge, but difference between 1g of sugar and 17g is a big one, so “original” flavour (which is no flavour) it is.
  •  Lunch used to be a really big problem for me pre-diet. Whether I was lucky enough to remember and make myself some sandwiches or if I had to buy something from the canteen   – I always felt tired and sleepy after, because heavy, quick release carbs were doing their evil work. Now I opt for a good, light healthy option of a salad. I try to put every single fresh vegetable I have in the fridge – lettuce, tomato, cucumber, sweet pepper, radish, spring onion, parsley, little bit of corn. Then all we need to do as add favourite protein – I go for tuna, sea food mix, chicken breast. Or from time to time – leftover pork or beef, but these days leftovers don’t really exist in the house.
  •  Dinner is my favourite time of the day. Which might sound sad, but once you have limited yourself in terms of food – meals become very special. Cooking a healthy dinner is also very easy – it takes less time, less ingredients and more spices (chillies are magical for weight loss). I use silly moto “meat and at least 2 veg” when I prepare my food, but as most root vegetables were taken out of my diet due to nasty amount of carbs, same as rice and pasta – finding original side is sometimes tricky. Every day I try to cook unique dish, because even if you are on healthy diet your food shouldn’t be boring! I check new recipes every day and sometimes create my own. It has been whole 3 weeks now, so I am running out of ideas, but it only means – old dishes need new exciting twists! Some of my dinner options are: steak and salad; chicken skewers with veg and home made salsa; pork with poached egg and asparagus; quorn sausage and hot vegetable salad; grilled chicken breasts and stuffed aubergines; baked fish with cauliflower rise and list goes on and on and on – you just need to get creative.Things to remember about meat – the leaner the better and no fat or skin should be included. With vegetables – more water vegetable has – more of it you can eat.
  • Snacks and drinks will vary depending on the reason behind your healthy diet.  Because I am trying to loose some weight and gain some muscle I eat berries instead of fruit as sugars are much lower. I have 1 oat bar a day as a treat, but you have to remember not all “breakfast bars” are good for you – if it’s covered in chocolate and has a cartoon animal on the packaging – put it back, it’s not good for you. Go for organic, low sugar options, they taste even better. I also have 1 yoghurt, same rules as above apply – I either go for Total 0% or for Weigh Watchers options. For savoury snacks I only have 2 options – nuts or fresh veg and low fat Philli, but even with things like that always think about moderation, because 100g of innocent peanuts can carry around 60g of fat. I also had to include a lot of water into my diet – I drink it day and night, just because. Water helps to clean your internal organs and make sure that liver and kidneys are running as intended. Also I have at least 2 cups of green tea, which helps with metabolism and gives injection of caffeine in the morning. I also try to stay away from the alcohol as it’s unnecessary empty calories, but if I want to have a drink I would go for vodka+diet lemonade, but yet again – everything in moderation.

Well…. That was a post and a half! Hope some people can find an inspiration and opt for a healthier way of eating, because it’s much easier than it seems!



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