Week 2

16 Jan

First week of my challenge has gone. And do you know what? It’s easier than I ever expected. Change in the diet going swimmingly – I learned to spread my meals and snacks through the day so that I never feel hungry and always have enough energy to exercise. In fact, I feel full more often than if I would be eating normal “bad” stuff. I still struggle with the breakfast a little bit and often have to force myself to eat my porridge, but not because I don’t like it, it’s just my body is very well trained not to ask for any food in the morning. But I have not skipped a breakfast yet and a little bit proud of myself for that.

Biggest food trial was last weekend, when we spent whole 2 days at our old house which is currently being re-decorated. As the result of building works it’s near to impossible to cook or even eat due to lack of furniture. But I have managed – couple of packs of salad, pre-cooked chicken breasts, berries and nuts and no cheating was necessary. There is no excuse to be made when shops are full of cooked healthy food!

As per exercise – I am not completely happy with the amount of it. As I said – weekend was absolutely wasted, but I still was active with the decorating, so it’s not so bad at the end of the day. I have not once woke up with muscle pain, which I believe is down to magical post-workout shakes. I am not so sure how I will feel tomorrow morning as today was our first circuit training and, well, I was the second unfittest person in the group.

The hardest thing for me was finding time. Any free time. Even time to write this blog, hence it’s 2 days late. Balancing work-home-family-gym-fun is much harder than I thought,  but I am lucky to have a very supportive husband, who I am also very proud of as he has lost massive 7.5 lb this week!

To sum up the  first week – it was awesome and next 5 weeks will be even better 🙂

Measurements 2nd week of the challenge: 37/28/38, 147 pounds.



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